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Pured Coding Service

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May 1st 2019: @33savage will be helping some times :kek:

Read this: I decided to start an actually coding service, so many people wanted me to do things for free or to cheap so I decided to stop that for now. If I started to ignore you and still haven't gotten back to you...i'm sorry. I am not doing going to be helping you with a big project for free or super cheap.


Pured Coding Service

I can code and help you with what ever! For cheap!



I am Pured. I am a coder and can code in: Python 3, .NET, PHP and front end web development.

I have been coding for a while so I am experienced.

Anything you want...I can probably code.

For example: Account checkers, front end/back end websites, and more!

Depending on the project is how much it will cost. Prices range from $20-$500. 


When I am coding the thing you wanted, I will customize it to your liking.


Note: If you are getting a website done I do not provide hosting : )


I make it first then you pay!


All final products are protected so they are hard to crack!


About web development:


For front end I will use bootstrap 4. Nothing else. For back end I will PHP 7 and MySQL 5-8.


About Python development:


I will use Python 3. I do not create guis with python. All final projects will either be in an exe or a .py file depending on your choice.


About .NET development:


I will be using C# with any .net framework I think I need to use. All final products will be protected so they are hard af to crack.




No refunds after the final product gets sent.

I will not code Fortnite checkers.

I do not supply hosting if needed.

I will not code malware such as rats and trojans.

I will not code checkers that steal hits

I will not code porn or carding related sites.


Vouch copies: 1/1



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