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P-Scrape v1.2 | Combolist Password Extractor by @33Savage

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This is a tool which extracts passwords from the combolist imported within it. This is also it's first stable release.

What can I do with passwords?
These passwords can be used to make Password Dictionaries for Penetration Testing and also to crack RDP/VPS.
Generating passwords for RDP/VPS cracking is the old way of doing things welcome to the new age.

Why choose P-Scrape?
P-Scrape is the first and the ONLY existing tool that was built solely to make password extracting easier.
If you have any concerns on me as a seller let the reputation speak for itself.





Author: @33Savage
Released: 11-Apr-19

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P-Scrape v1.2

  • Fixed Exit Bug
  • Fixed Crash When Hit Enter And No File Selected
  • Added Colors to some elements
  • Fixed Minor Bugs
  • Added error messages
  • Added more delimiters (":"  ";"  "|")
  • Updated Author Information
  • Added Lines Loaded Stat

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