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Staff Needed - Apply Now!

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Hello there am the 3rdWorld Administrator @Grim . I would like to formally announce that we are currently seeking staff members to monitor and keep 3rdWorld clean and growing. We currently have vacancies for:

  • Moderators
  • Advertisers
  • Developers
  • Writers
  • File Scanner

(You are required to be active for any of the roles above)

The application format is below, however if you wish to be creative with your application it is also accepted.


Must be age 16+(This is highly dependent on your maturity).
Required to be active.
MUST be able to manage high pressure situations.
Have a good attitude.
Ability to communicate well (in English) in teams.
Ability to provide calm, mature and clear instructions to members.
Determination to make our forum the best forum possible.



Application Format

Why do you want to be apart of 3rdworld staff?

What makes you different from the other applicants?

What is the purpose of the role your applying for?

Your experience in forum moderation. (If any)

3 Areas your strong in and 3 Areas your weak in.


Fluent Languages Spoken:


Time Zone:

Additional Info (Hobbies or What your passionate about.)


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Note if you want to be one of these you must be active!

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