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  1. I'm mostly interested in Old School Hip Hop, such as Eminem, Mobb Deep, D12, 2Pac, NWA, Wu Tang Clan, etc.
  2. I've given it a test run long enough where I feel good sharing it, not a single day have I not gotten my payment and I couldn't be happier with them so far! It's a simple concept companies have done with USD for decades. Typically for the wealthy, but crypto allows them to do it now without worrying about the hassle of dealing with people with small amounts to invest, they can make the process totally automated. Now companies don't care if they're paying out 500 investors, or 500,000, the code does it for them. There's some major differences between this, and scams of the past, I've avoided all of those, but this one didn't have any of the usual red flags... CEO/Staff Show their faces, give their names, on video. DAILY Payments, Available for truly immediate withdraw (does not take a human to approve, you press the button, it gets sent) Registered Public Company, gives address I've now been paid every day for over 3 weeks. They don't depend on a market of coin prices going up, they also short crypto to cash in when it falls. Most importantly: YOU CAN SEE how they've used your capital to turn a profit. Their bots are doing DOZENS of trades per hour, some large and small, and it all means a DAILY PAYMENT for you. If you're skeptical, you do not need to spend anything to get in the members area and see the proof i'm talking about! Go to the 'statistics' page. And nope - if they have a slow day, that's not your problem - YOU'RE PAID REGARDLESS! (they focus on a monthly profit percentage). You can start with as little as $20. But like all investing, the more you put in the more you cash out! Reply to for the next step, and seriously, this is going to change your life!

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