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  1. Here are some additional suggestions. PGP Encryption / Ability to add PGP Keys to profile. Limited System for members If a member reaches above a certain warning level they get limited to where they can post in certain areas of 3rdW. I'll add more when I think of more.
  2. This is a botnet developed by Zettabit mainly for the reason due to so many back-door source codes. It is completely open-source and developed on to this day via GitHub. Screenshots can be viewed here A modded version is also included with screenshots here
  3. Done some more browsing today and noticed some security loopholes within 3rdW. First of all redirect cPanel to a different port and disable access from cpanel.url You may think "Well you don't know the information to log in but security matters. The next is the IPB Admin control panel, its still default /admin/ please be aware this is not safe for the forum, nor the users. Just thought I'd advise you on this as I've payed the price in the past.
  4. Neko

    Ha Mobile

    Mobile games aren't that bad - although I don't play them I have huge respect for the dedicated mobile gaming community,
  5. I understand the carding thing to an extent as stated it is very frowned upon - in every way possible.
  6. Don’t be paranoid, some days are different just because it works most of the time - does not mean it will work all the time. I highly doubt the feds will be at your door any time soon.
  7. Also I read the FAQ and saw that the forum does not support carding. i understand a lot of people seem carding to be frowned upon but majority of the time it can make a forum blow, if your concerned about the FBI allow it in paid for sectors and hidden from guests keeps it more on the down low and a bit more hidden. Although it’s understandable if his is ultimately - denied
  8. I’m going to follow this thread as I’ve been researching ewhoring quite a lot and want to try my hand in it - if I’m comfortable.
  9. Neko

    Bitcoin Mixer?

    Depending what your actually using a mixer for is the question - if it’s to tumble coins on a marketplace they usually offer services them self. Wasabi and Onionwallet are also well known alternatives but remember your mixing your coins with other peoples dirty coins.
  10. Best way to learn code is to embrace code - search functions and tinker with them and adapt your learning style, watch videos and look at source code, analyse it and rewrite it, in your own style with what you’ve learnt. You can learn a fair bit - even in one night.
  11. So I’ve jus registered here browsed around and just thought of a few improvements - I hope some are taken into consideration. All will have a detailed explanation on why I think they’ll be viable to the forum and what use they will provide. 1. Mobile Friendly Theme Im currently on mobile and struggling to make much use out of the forum on Safari, maybe just the browser but some things seem a bit out of place, profile editing options are very limited, as well as post editing such as bullet points, alignment and such, I think it can be improved I’ve time and isn’t a big need. 2. 2FA Authentication Again I’m unable to check if the forum offers 2FA support but I’m sure many users would make use of this for extra security within their account. 3. Feedback System This isn’t a big need unless you have a marketplace, it allows users to leave feedback on other members and the trade experience, good, neutral or bad. Others - Leech Level According to research in IPB it can be made with advanced user profile info plugin with a ratio of posts:threads in certain sectors, I know in MyBB it works the same but obviously every thing is different. Raffles/Lottery Allow users to have a fun side of the forum hosting raffles for memberships or such, or allow users to host raffles for giveaways etc, brings the community together and encourages users to post, as points can be gained and used towards the raffle(s)

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