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  1. So i did this method where you call cleaning companys and get compinsations for them breaking clothes problem is i did it like 7 times and last time i did it the lady declined it. Kinda scared to do it now incase so ima lay low on it. I doubt anything will happen for cleaning companys
  2. thanks for the post need good sites
  3. Aaron142002

    EWhore Pack HQ

    thx dude ill make sure to come back with results
  4. LOL the guy said this was secure well time to charge back or something
  5. thanks needed a bit more help on this subject
  6. Many people are new who come on forums and need some help or just want to chat. I think a dc is a great idea as it allows people to be involved in the community. Idk just a suggestion
  7. Does it have to be a laptop or can it be a desktop
  8. What are the chances on getting caught for this stuff I got omen seriel and reciept but like will they come after me lol

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