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  1. Pured


    wrong section but you can find it on here pretty sure
  2. most of these are a good idea and are being worked on. everything is good besides carding itll never slide. but thanks for these
  3. accounts have expirtaion date capture
  4. I would like to thank all of you guys for signing up here. It is crazy to think we have 500 members now but this is just the begining! We hope you can enjoy 3rdworld. - Pured
  5. ok! pm me on disc Pured#0001
  6. good idea, ill talk to @33Savage
  7. we do have a discord, you can join it from this link: https://discord.gg/EMZKCZ
  8. wow raped straight from c.to this is not worth to be cracked so i just posted the source code remove the c.to auth ur self source (python):

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