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  1. 3rdWorld

    Change Log 17-May-19

    - Removed reply updates from shoutbox. - Clean fresh forum design. - Colors revamped. - Added header background. - Created Hype Squad in forum footer.
  2. 3rdWorld

    Changelog 18-Feb-19

    - Update hide icon button to . - Created Official 3rdWorld reddit user. - Official 3rdWorld reddit community coming soon. - Added online status to user postbit. - Changed color of unlocked content container.
  3. 3rdWorld

    Change Log 14-Feb-19

    - Added Gaming Forum - Added Gaming Forum Icons - Added rule to permit only users with 20+ post to use shoutbox (SB) - Added prefixes for some forum areas - Added group images instead of names - Bug fixes - Minor adjustment to forum colors
  4. 3rdWorld

    Change Log 04-Feb-19

    - Created Telegram Channel for updates only - https://t.me/forums3rdworldcc - Created Official Instagram Profile - https://instagram.com/3rdWorldcc - Created Official Twitter Profile - https://twitter.com/3rdWorldcc - Created Official Facebook Profile - https://www.facebook.com/3rdworldcc - Created Official Google+ Profile - https://plus.google.com/u/7/117306622437313876101
  5. 3rdWorld


    - Changed photo's from rounded to square - Changed logo - Made advertisement image for the forum - Added social icons to header - Fixed editor not opening Advertisement Image
  6. 3rdWorld


    Nominees for member of the month includes: @Jeff @Silverus @K4li Vote for who you think should be awarded member of the month.
  7. - Fixed captcha not loading on mobile and in some browsers. - Added Legendary rank - Added forum hoe @3rdWorld

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3rdWorld.cc is a cracking forum community that suits the purpose of everyone. We offer paid program for free, cracking tools, combolists, marketplace and many more. You can also expand on knowledge and participate in active discussions.