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  1. These are SSL proxies often times good to crack minecraft accounts besides that they can be used as regular proxies to crack what ever you want them to crack. Thats all that i know about SSL proxies am sure you guys know more than i do. Download:
  2. The title should already say it all to you but in case your still unclear on whats going on let me explain. Being active on the forums can give you staff simply because the forum is fairly small and needs content to make it more appealing to visitors so you being active will attract new members and frequent posters so start posting High Quality content and you will be selected as staff in due time its as simple as that, staff selection methods will change in the future so take advantage of this opportunity.
  3. Cracked by @Pured lol 4 days in a row @Pured have cracked the same guys tools put your combos in combos.txt He did not make this, he just cracked it. this is kinda fast, no capture tho
  4. This was some guys config which he sold for $20 i haven't tried it yet thou so if its good as stated let me know.
  5. Mega.nz Tutorial Leaks Learn Website Hacking Penetration Testing From Scratch Udemy 190 $ Course
  6. FireCards (v1.9.3.0) Last update: this one. Information: Name: Fire Cards. Info about this: It takes a valid gift card number and scans that range and it pulls valid gift card numbers and there balances. Cracker: ZrCulillo. Version: Last update: this one. Vendor's website: FireSoft Instructions: Download file from my link. Open it. Enjoy. Download and VT: VT RAR: VT RAR VT EXE: VT EXE
  7. Well am learning C# and i need the best way to learn C# so if y'all have any suggestions just let me know.
  8. Actually i figurd this all out.....i hate game cheats btw
  9. This is real for now...it will change in future as the forum grows.
  10. As a means to help 3rdworld grow faster and more productive, we would like to know how you found 3rdworld so that we can put a bit more effort to advertise in that area. If you wish to share any methods of how to help us grow faster it will be appreciated.
  11. This is the latest release for Open Bullet the modified version of Black Bullet and everyone seems to be using it to get shit done cause apparently, it is better than original Black Bullet. It is word in the streets than the guy who modified Black Bullet and called it Open Bullet got fucked by the feds. NOT FOR MODIFYING THOU. Download:
  12. Simply uploads file to anonfile.com pretty easy to use. Image of it in action. http://prntscr.com/npiock Download Link: https://anonfile.com/C1t1Perdn4 @Pured Here's something to fidle with, its compiled with ConfuserEx to merge some additional files.
  13. If you find yourself being unable to post in a particular section this might be the system in place to reduce forum spam. Sections such as Account in Leaks forum and Combolist in cracking forum have these restrictions to reduce forum spam to gain access to these sections you have to post in other areas to get threads to at least 15 however if you spam random shit to reach 15+ threads then surely a ban is heading your direction. Leaks > Accounts: 15+ Threads Cracking > Combolists: 15+ Threads

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