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  1. Yea am watching dororo now too how weird
  2. https://www.codecademy.com/ https://www.udemy.com/ I have used these and i can vouch they are good to use.
  3. It's sad to see that @imkindagay is a spammer and will be banned for spamming.
  4. Thank you @imkindagay for being 3rdworld's 2,000th member as a thank you you will receive 3 months of VIP to browse our forum without any restrictions.
  5. I have no clue what you're saying but i know for a fact you're spamming and i don't like that :)
  6. 33Savage


    The member user group can't delete posts. However upgraded members can hide their post from other members. If you wish to have a post delete ask a moderator or me and give me a reason i should do it.
  7. There's a large green announcement on the index page please read it
  8. Am not sure about it so i don't know
  9. I need you the read this and read the application outline and really think about this. As for your corrections please dm me application, detail your application and post threads in appropriate places.
  10. 3rdworld is now approaching 1,000 members and for us the achieve this even faster, i require your help to do so. Share our link and spread the word about our forum to all your friends and other places to help us get there even faster. There will be a giveaway of 3 VIP's and 1 Pure rank when we hit 1k members. To participate create a thread in the lounge and tag all the members you invited, have them vouch for you so we are sure its legit.
  11. https://3rdworld.cc/topic/527-post-restrictions-table/
  12. Almost 530 members i encourage all our users to post high quality content and tutorials to improve the forum's quality and get us better rankings in google so we can be found and grow even faster.
  13. Already have one use search feature to find it
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