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  1. Guys, what’s that Crypton new altcoin which can be mined easily without slowing down the PC? It’s a kind of all-in-one service called Banana, and during the time you run it, you can mine that coin. They call it a payment unit of that soft. Had anyone tried it already? I thought the mining era passed away already, but it sounds interesting. And Banana itself is a totally encrypted soft which lets us stay anonymous and free. As I’ve understood, the more users join Banana - the more powerful it becomes, and more Crypton can be mined. Like we can build everything ourselves. I hadn’t found that coin on the global market yet, but I think when more people will mine it, it’ll become more powerful and will be released outside the soft also.
  2. Haha, as I thought they just mentioned on the website that no code will be shown. Because they don't want anyone to use it or something.. Okay, that's sad.
  3. But we can't be so sure in anonymity due to the closed source code. Almost all new softs now hide nothing and here no concrete info at all, just words.
  4. How could I be sure in merchant then? Like I've lost a lot on scammers on usual web in order to do that in Utopia also..
  5. I was thinking about the markets that could be made through Idyll browser. Will Utopia provide its own delivery like Amazon or something? Or how could I receive the ordered goods?
  6. Forget about UI - look at these amazing stickers! I loved it from the 1st look.. Waiting for animated ones and it will be even greater
  7. Wow, I had no issues installing and running the soft. Have you downloaded the right version of installation file? As there are different for different version of OSs.
  8. Affiliate program is always a nice bonus, but it won't let you earn good money. It's much more profitable to earn money by participating in beta testing in one of three roles.
  9. If Idyll is really even better than Tor is then it's a good solution. You just have to run the soft and do everything there. No more google info collection, no more ads and free communication. Let's see how it will work.
  10. Just visit the website, register and download the soft. It's available for all OSs. The participation is free and you can even earn on it, enjoying the soft.
  11. I've checked it and found that they provide bonuses for participation. So I think it's worth trying, why not? The functionality is quite wide.
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