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  1. Wow, I had no issues installing and running the soft. Have you downloaded the right version of installation file? As there are different for different version of OSs.
  2. Affiliate program is always a nice bonus, but it won't let you earn good money. It's much more profitable to earn money by participating in beta testing in one of three roles.
  3. If Idyll is really even better than Tor is then it's a good solution. You just have to run the soft and do everything there. No more google info collection, no more ads and free communication. Let's see how it will work.
  4. Just visit the website, register and download the soft. It's available for all OSs. The participation is free and you can even earn on it, enjoying the soft.
  5. I've checked it and found that they provide bonuses for participation. So I think it's worth trying, why not? The functionality is quite wide.

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